Lunch Menu

Available: 11am-2:00pm

(All item are served with fried rice/appetizer/soup)


$8.50 per person

1.Vegetable Manchurian 
(Vegetable dumpling cooked in soy steeped Manchurian sauce)
2.Szechwan Eggplant 
(Crispy fired eggplant in spicy sauce with fresh onions and celery)
3.Chili Garlic Potatoes
(Thinly sliced fried potatoes cooked in chili garlic sauce)
4.Gobi Manchurian
(Cauliflower cooked in soy steeped Manchurian sauce)
5.Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables
(Chile Szechwan garlic/black pepper/chili oyster /black bean/hot garlic)
6.Vegetable with Bean Curd
7.Sweet & Sour Vegetables
8.Braised Spinach w/mushroom & baby corn
9.Hot & Sour Vegetables 
10.Vegetables w/Singapore Noodles
(Rice not included)
11.Vegetables w/Hakka Noodles
(Rice not included)
12.Vegetables w/Szechwan Noodles
(Rice not included)
13.Vegetables w/Chili Garlic Noodles
(Rice not included)
14.Vegetables w/Singapore Fried Rice


$8.95 per person

1.Chicken 65
2.Penung Chicken (Thai style)
3.Kung Pao (chicken/beef/shrimp)
4.General Tso’ Chicken
5.Devil Steak (beef/shrimp)
6.Cashew (chicken/beef/shrimp)
7.Orange (chicken/beef/shrimp)
8.Cantonese (chicken/beef/shrimp)
9.Snow Pea (chicken/beef/shrimp)
10.Sweet & Sour (chicken/beef/shrimp)
11.Hot Braised (chicken/beef/shrimp)
12.Sesame (chicken/beef/shrimp)
13.Masala (chicken/beef/shrimp)
14.Curry (chicken/beef/shrimp)
15.Ginger (chicken/beef/shrimp)
16.Szechwan (chicken/beef/shrimp)
17.Hot & Sour (chicken/beef/shrimp)
18.Mongolian (chicken/beef/shrimp)
19.Kwantung (chicken/beef/shrimp)
20.Manchurian (chicken/beef/shrimp)
21.Chili (chicken/beef/shrimp)
22.Singapore Rice (chicken/beef/shrimp)
23.Hakka Noodle (chicken/beef/shrimp) (Rice not included)
24.Szechwan Noodle (chicken/beef/shrimp) (Rice not included)
25.Singapore Noodle (chicken/beef/shrimp) (Rice not included)
26.Chili Garlic Noodle (chicken/beef/shrimp) (Rice not included)

Happy Family Special             $11.95
(Scallops, shrimp, slices of chicken, beef with vegetables in a brown sauce)

Available lunch and dinner!

Moderately Spicy =          Spicy=