Dinner Menu


1.Sweet Corn Soup
2.Hot & Sour Soup 
3.Clear Soup
4.Wonton Soup
5.Tom Yam Soup 
6.Egg Drop Soup


1.Crab Rangoon $5.95
2.Gobi Manchurian 
(Cauliflower cooked in soy W/steeped Manchurian sauce)
3.Vegetable Spring Rolls (4) $4.95
4.Crackling Spinach
(Wok tossed crispy spinach with sesame)
5.Baby Corn Bhazzia 
(Battered young corn tossed in fiery chili ginger sauce)
6.Chicken 65  $11.95
7.Szechwan Chicken Sticks   
(Chicken marinated in Szechwan sauce & batter fried
8.Golden Fried Chicken $8.95
9.Konjee Crispy Beef 
(Crispy fried beef tossed in a sweet bean flavored tongue tingling sauce)
10.Golden Fried Shrimp $11.95
11.Prawn Pepper Salt 
(Crispy prawn wok seared with abundance of scallions, ginger, and garlic)
12. Pot Stickers (veg/chicken) $8.95


1.Vegetable Manchurian 
(Vegetable dumplings cooked in soy steep Manchurian sauce)
2.Stir fried Seasonal Vegetables$10.95
3.Szechwan Eggplant 
(Crisp fried eggplant in a spicy sauce with fresh chilies & celery)
4.Sweet & Sour Vegetables
(Vegetables cooked in fruity Malaysian style sweet & sour sauce)
5.Braised Spinach with Mushroom & Baby Corn$10.95
6.Hot & Sour Vegetables 
(Chicken marinated in Szechwan sauce & batter fried)
7.Seasonal Vegetables Made to your taste!
(Chile Szechwan soy garlic/black pepper/chili oyster/black bean hot garlic)
8.Vegetable Bean Curd$10.95
9.Chili Garlic Potatoes$10.95
10.Curry Mix Vegetable$10.95
11.Eggplant & Tofu $10.95
12.Hot & Sour Tofu $10.95
13.Sizzling Mix Vegetables$10.95


1.Manchurian Chicken 
(Chicken cooked in soy steep Manchurian sauce)
2.Kwangtung Chili Chicken 
(Cantonese spicy chicken with a touch of sweet hoisin)
3.Chili Chicken (traditional) 
(Spicy succulent dices of chicken cooked hawker’s style)
4.Ginger Chicken $12.50
5.Szechwan Chicken 
(Diced chicken cooked in a fiery chili sauce with celery & chilies)
6.Sweet & Sour Chicken$12.50
7.Hot & Sour Chicken $12.50
8.Chicken Cantonese Style 
(Garlic quick fried chicken with onion and crispy capsicum)
9.Mongolian Chicken
(Chicken with sesame flavored soy raisin sauce)
10.Sliced Chicken Made to your taste!
(Hot garlic/chili oyster/black bean/chili peeking)
11.Cashew Chicken$12.50
12.Sesame Chicken$12.50
13.Vegetable Chicken$12.50
14.Garlic Chicken $12.50
15.Hot Braised Chicken $12.50
16.Broccoli Chicken$12.50
17.Curry Chicken$13.50
18.General Tao’s Chicken$12.50
19.Hunan Style Chicken$12.50
20.Kung Pao Chicken$12.50
21.Masala Chicken$12.50
22.Orange Chicken$12.50
23.Pennug Chicken$13.50
24.Snow Pea Chicken$12.50


1.Traditional Chili Beef 
(Spicy succulent dices of meat cooked hawker’s style)
2.Kwangtung Beef 
Cantonese spicy meat with a touch of sweet hoisin)
3.Manchurian Beef 
(Meat cooked in soy steeped Manchurian sauce)
4.Szechwan Beef $16.50
5.Devil’s Steak Beef 
(Chef’s Special)
6.Sweet & Sour Beef$16.50
7.Cantonese Style Beef
(Garlic quick fried meat with onion and crispy capsicum)
8.Mongolian Beef$16.50
9.Broccoli Beef$16.50
10.Sesame Beef$16.50
11.Ginger Beef$16.50
12.Vegetable Beef$16.50
13.Curry Beef$16.50
14.Hunan Beef$16.50
15.Kung Pao Beef$16.50
16.Masala Beef$16.50
17.Orange Beef$16.50

Happy Family Special             $17.95
(Scallops, shrimp, slices of chicken, beef with vegetables in a brown sauce)


1.Chili Shrimp 
(Spicy succulent shrimp cooked hawker’s style)
2.Manchurian Shrimp 
(Shrimp cooked in soy steeped Manchurian sauce)
3.Szechwan Shrimp 
(Shrimp cooked in fiery chili sauce with celery and chilies)
4.Vegetable Shrimp$12.50
5.Broccoli Shrimp$12.50
6.Sweet & Sour Shrimp$12.50
7.Cashew Shrimp$12.50
8.Shrimp Lobster Sauce$12.50
9.Curry Shrimp$12.50
10.Ginger Shrimp$12.50
11.Hot & Sour Shrimp $12.50
12.Hunan Shrimp$12.50
13.Masala Shrimp$12.50
14.Orange Shrimp  $12.50
15.Seafood Delight$12.50
16.Kung Pao Shrimp  $12.50


* Shrimp Dishes add $1

1.Traditional Fried Rice 
2.Yang Chow Fried Rice
(Traditional mixed meat and egg fried rice)
3.Szechwan Fried Rice 
4.Ginger Chilies & Coriander  
Egg fried rice with vegetable/egg/chicken/shrimp*)
5.Stir Fried Hakka Noodles 
6.Szechwan Noodles                
7.Chili Garlic Noodles 
8.American Chop Suey$11.50
9.Singapore Noodle 

Moderately Spicy =          Spicy=